Saturday, November 24, 2012

Apple Store website gets updated for holiday season

Apple has updated its Apple Store webpage, for this holiday season. The special page designed for holiday season prices has a friendly guide which lets users select the products, with minimum page load, making people not move from the page. The products listed are not only Apple's products but also some other such as MS Office for Mac, Bowers & Wilkins A5 airplay speakers etc.

Every year Apple reduces its prices for one day i.e. Black Friday making a lot of revenue in result. And same is done this year. Apple's Black Friday went on live yesterday and prices were reduced upto 20%. 

The reduced prices let you save $41 on an iPad, $31 on iPad 2 and iPod touch, $101 on the new MacBook Pros and MacBook Air. What if you could save 20%, or also get a hundred dollar gift card to spend on something else?

This campaign will take place upto this holiday season, including Christmas' and New Year celebration. Undoubtedly,  Apple Stores are going to show "Out of Stock" boards.

Visit Apple Store's website here

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