Friday, December 14, 2012

Samsung working on 6.3 inch screen Galaxy Note

Samsung is reported to be working on a Galaxy Note having screen of 6.3 inch.

Samsung has pioneered the segment which is between of a tablet and smartphone, can be calles as "phablet". Earlier devices of this segment failed to attract public, because they were heavy and not user friendly, but there's no such problem with Galaxy Note. 

Samsung has designed every Galaxy Note keeping the "ease of access" in the mind, which resulted in the bumper sale of Note Series Galaxy Smartphones. Last month, Samsung reported that it has sold 5 million units of the Galaxy Note 2 in two months. 

The report has been shown in Korea Times, according to which Samsung has planned to show something special in the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2013, in February 2013. It can be the new Galaxy S IV.

Til then we will wait for the new super-sized Galaxy Note.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Google Maps for iOS is back, this time has new features

Look who's back. It's Google Maps, again for iPhone. Once removed from the iOS, it has made its entry back. This time with more power and let's say, more sexy. 

This a joyful news for everyone, even they use iPhone or not because Apple's decision was hated worldwide and the world was waiting for Google's next step. And Google too has not disappointed us. Google’s app includes voice guided turn-by-turn driving directions, as well as public transit directions, Street View, and a 3D-like Google Earth view.

Download here

Google Maps on iOS has trace similarities to its Android counterpart, but it's udesigned for Apple's platform. This time Google Maps has a new sleek interface, making similar to that of Google Now, and guided turn-by-turn directions and public transit maps. 

Daniel Graf, Director of Google Maps for Mobile, reported that the company took a step back from its earlier creations and approached it with a fresher, more streamlined outlook. That means a more elegant interface, totally from the base.

And it is the most amazing news that Google Maps for iOS is the most downloaded App in the App store, in just few hours.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Google Chrome and Gmail crash reasons told by Google engineer

On Monday, Google's mail service Gmail went down for 20 minutes. But this was not the only failure, because Google Chrome also crashed on Dec 10. Later on in a thread on the Chromium developer forum, Google Software engineer Tim Steele explained that the issues were due to a mis-configured server that took out Google's Sync platform.

The crashes were affecting Chrome users who were using another Google web service known as Sync, and that Sync and other Google services. 

The problem was a bad coding of the Google Sync, which accidentally sent a wrong code to Chrome and the browsers as well Gmail got crashed. 

It’s also something that cloud service providers are going to have to worry about more and more, as services such as Apple’s iCloud and Windows Live get more closely intertwined with our phones and PCs.

More there will be the use of cloud based services, more will be the chances to face such problems as a server has its capabilities. 

Later on, Google released following statement

"Earlier today, we experienced an issue with Chrome Sync, which resulted in Chrome browser crashes for a subset of users. From our investigation, it appears the crashes were due to bugs in both the sync client and server.For everyone who was affected, we apologize - we know you count on Google to work for you and we worked hard to restore normal operation for you. The sync client and server teams are currently working on fixing the bugs to prevent the same issue in the future."

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[via The Verge & Wired]

Galaxy Note II is going to have Android 4.1.2 update

This is a joyful news for owners of Galaxy Note II. The device is going to get powered by Android 4.1.2 update for the international handset, Galaxy Note GT-N7100. The update will be fresh and new however most of the people think that it's not a big update. But after all, its official update. It is supposed that this update will bring new notification panel, speed issues, disabling the multi-view, a new lock screen, updated Google Now and bug removal. It will soon make its way on Kies and Over The Air on devices. 

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