Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New iPad may be called iPad HD

On Wednesday, Apple is expected to announce the next-generation iPad. For the most part, it has been assumed that the device will be called the "iPad 3," but now reports of a different name — iPad HD —are resurfacing.

In addition to a source who discussed the next-generation iPad's name, Hardawar has another who claims that Apple is "buying up 7.1-inch screen components." Such a detail has been previously reported by Digitimes, though the displays discussed in that were 7.85-inch versions. 
One big remaining question is whether that name is already in use. Apple owns the rights to the iPad name in the U.S. and other countries (though that's being debated in courts in China right now), but have others already beaten it to the punch online?

According to MacRumors, Apple’s high number of shipments are making it difficult for other companies to get products out of China. MacRumors cited one source who saw shipping rates increase 20 percent in one week, apparently due to Apple’s volume of shipments. Another shipping manager told MacRumors a similar story. 

Historically, Apple makes its Mac and iPod products available either on the same day or on the day after a major announcement. Online orders often ship directly from China. However, Apple Stores and other authorized retailers are often stocked with new products in time for launch events.

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