Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hands on with Android Google Chrome

Google rolled its signature Chrome browser to Android phones on Tuesday, 7 Feb 2012. If you’re one of the lucky ones running Ice Cream Sandwich, commonly known as Android 4.0, you’ll be able to download Chrome from the Android Market, now Play Store.
As you can see from the above gallery of screenshots taken from both Google and our experience running Chrome on a Galaxy Nexus, tabbed browsing is a big highlight of Chrome for Android. It also boasts the ability to have simple private browsing sessions.
Most importantly, Chrome for Android blends in with other Google services seamlessly, such as Google Maps and YouTube. It was easy for us to import tabs from our computer browsers as well.

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View this gallery for features:
YouTube and Google Maps are both integrated into the new Chrome for Android. 

It is easy to use.

Google's search bar is also easy to find. 

Google imports your tabs from your Chrome session on your computer. 

The tabs view gives you a neat way to see all your open pages at once. 

Flipping your phone sideways offers expanded maps. 

The tabs also function just as well sideways. 

Google's suggestion engine helps fill in what you're searching for. 

Chrome for Android even includes private browsing sessions. 

ou can do many features, like find on page, from the Chrome options.

It also makes it much easier to save pages for offline reading. 

Your bookmarks are imported from your desktop and separated from your mobile bookmarks. 

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