Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Google Jelly Bean displayed

Google posted on it's Google+ page having a photo displaying up the model of Android's next version, Jelly Bean. This statue is standing at the same place where earlier Android's statues are standing. Yes you got it right, It is Android Building in Mountain view. 

Google's most important event of the year is coming near. Google I/O 2012 will take place from 27 June 2012- 29 June 2012, that means one extended from it's usual schedule. We hope that Google Jelly Bean will be unveiled in it.

Some other rumors are also evolving such as Google is building a new Tablet named as Nexus Tab to defeat all other Tabs, focusing on Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire. The Nexus tab is supposed to hold the all new Jelly Bean. It is also said that Nexus Tab will have it's own app store, other than Google Play

We think that Google I/O will bring updates to Android, Chrome, Google+, Cloud service: Drive. However we don't know what Google's new OS will have, but we are eagerly waiting to have a look on the stuff that will be displayed in Google I/O.

You can catch out all of the action from Engadget's live blog system. Here is the link:

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