Monday, June 11, 2012

Comparison between Google and Apple Maps

Google Maps has been available on the iPhone since the device’s launch, but on Monday Apple announced its own version of Maps for iOS 6 — one that will be replace the Google service on its smartphones.
Google recently announced an update to its mapping service as well. While both services certainly have a lot in common, there are also quite a few distinctive differences between the two.
A comparison between Apple maps and Google Maps


Both Google Maps and Apple's Maps can give you traffic information as well as general directions.
Apple's Maps will also use crowd-sourced information on accidents, allowing you to better see potential slow downs before they slow you down.


Both maps will be able to give you driving and walking directions.
Apple Maps, however, will not offer public transportation maps at launch, unlike its Google counterpart.

Local Search

Apple's Maps offers a local search function that allows you to look up local restaurants and businesses.
While you can also look up restaurants using Google Maps, Apple's Maps will integrate in Yelp information, allowing you to check out restaurants by rating and read reviews.

Local search

Searches for local restaurants and businesses in Apple's Maps will show not only the business, but also its Yelp rating and reviews.

[Source: Mashable]

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