Saturday, February 4, 2012

iOS apps crash more than Android apps

In a new study conducted by the mobile application monitoring company Crittercism, it is noted that iOS applications crash more often than their Android counterparts. The results, as you can see in the below images, speak for themselves: more applications crash under iOS 5.0.1, while Android apps appear to be more stable.
However, we should note here that the faults regarding iOS 5.0.1 most likely don’t lie with Apple itself. Because this version of the mobile operating system is relatively new, it’s more likely that iOS developers haven’t made their own third-party apps fully compatible with the iOS — resulting in the crashing. Though, on the other hand, iOS 4.3.3 — which has indeed been available for some time — also caused a sizable 10.66 percent of mobile apps to crash.
Android, as you can see, is quite stable — its most recent Android 4.0.1 accounts for just 1.04 percent of mobile app crashes. Compare that with iOS 5.0.1′s 28.64 percent!

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