Tuesday, February 7, 2012

45 special about Android OS

Here are the 45 special features about Android (all versions including ICS)

1. Android browser is Fast, Stable, supports Flash, and is more reliable compared to any of Competitors like Apple iPhone Safari Browser and Window’s Internet Explorer for mobile.
2. It has support to Browsers other than its default browser. Like Dolphin Mini, Dolphin Mobile, Opera Browser, Opera Mini and many other browsers.
3. Android allows you to add widgets to the Desktop. You can use those widgets on PC as you use them on mobile.
4. You can switch On/Off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mobile Network, GPS Instantly from Notification Tab. You don’t have to navigate into hundreds of options.
5. Most of the apps, I should say almost all the apps have the access to notification system, which lets you quickly access the Application in background.
6. If you like to configure things yourself then Android is the stuff for you. It helps you to customize your Mobile in your own way.
7. The best part “Android Market” helps you choose your favorite App from more than 6 million Quality Applications.
8. Installing Apps is lot easier on Android as compared to iPhone, Blackberry and Windows mobile OS.
9. “Google Android” lets you use Other Google services like instant Google search, Google voice search.
10. The Google Map and Navigation system of Android phones is just awesome and has no competition with Bing maps and other Map services.
11. Google Android is “Open Source”, which itself is enough to like Android OS.
12. Being Open Source, anyone can get access to the source of Android and modify the codes to one’s wish.
13. Open source products don’t have many weaknesses, as flaws are very quickly disclosed by Open Source community developers and fixed.
14. Android is Open Source, which means anyone can add his application in the Android market without paying any license money.
15. Android handset let you create a Virtual Hotspot, which helps you in sharing your device’s internet connection with the other device that has Wi-Fi in it.
16. The Google cloud takes Android to the next level of Cloud Computing.
17. Android has better hardware support or I should say it is more flexible than any other OS in the market. Manufacturers can use Android with any hardware they want.
18. Android Notification System comes with Elegancy and simplicity.
19. The multitasking with Google Android is satisfying till the phone’s Hardware is capable enough of completing those tasks.
20. Android phone messaging system rocks.
21. The Android email client is sophisticated one. It helps you manage your Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo or any other email service easily.
22. The Gmail Application available in the Android is awesome. It lets you do everything which you can do on Gmail using PC.
23. Actually not only the Gmail App, but all the Google Apps are amazing. From Google Docs to YouTube.
24. Oh yes we forgot to mention that Android Default browser supports HTML5 too.
25. Google Android also supports Multi-Touch.
26. Android will never be a burden to your wallet.
27. Android lets you choose your Mobile Service Provider.
28. The world’s cheapest Android phone loaded with Android 2.1 costs around $100 which you can never expect with Windows or Apple Phones.
29. Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich supports many Sensors. Ambient temperature and relative humidity are the latest in the list.
30. Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich supports External USB controllers. In Other words future game consoles may work using an Android Supported Mobile Phone plugged to an Android powered Smart TV via HDMI.
31. Android can connect with heart monitors and other health devices which can be connected to your Android phone using Bluetooth.
32. Hardware acceleration can be done in Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich.
33. Connecting via Wi-Fi using Wi-Fi Direct is a new concept for phones. It Enables to connect directly to one another without needing a router or internet connection to act as a middleman.
34. It can take Screenshots very easily without adding some new app and all. To take a SS just simply hold down the screen lock / power button and the volume down button for around one second and here we go.
35. Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich provides you with a better option to monitor Data than any other OS.
36. Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich comes with an amazing movie studio, which helps you do some fun with your video.
37. The camera is just Awesome. The camera comes with a lot of options which helps you take picture as you wish.
38. Music Player in Android is beautiful. It comes with a great theme and many options like Equalizer 3D surround and bass boost effects.
39. While coming to the messenger, can you afford a mobile without Google talk? And that too if the mobile have Android OS in it. The Google Talk App is awesome for android phones.
40. Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich do have a great Dialpad and other improved basic phone features which lacked in previous versions of android phones.
41. Android has a Face Unlock Feature a Facial recognition feature, which will match your photo to allow you work on the phone.
42. The User interface is awesome with new Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich. Beats Apple, windows and blackberry with a pretty good score.
43. Very fast Booting up of android phones.
44. A Well Known and trusted Name behind this OS. “GOOGLE” that’s enough to like it.
45. Android helps you have a better blogging experience on Mobile Phones.

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