Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sony Smartwatch: New era of watches

Sony has released the future of watches: The Smartwatch. As expected, the SmartWatch costs $150 (Rs. 6299 INR) , while those colorful wrist bands are priced at $20 a pop. 

To recap, the watch pairs with Android phones over Bluetooth, using a free app available in Google Play (if you happen to own a Sony handset, you should find that application pre-installed). Like any smartwatch worth its salt, this one lets you read emails, texts and social updates on the device. 

Wearable electronics are not really the future anymore because they are actually available now. Of course, there is a heavy initial cost of possession but they are aimed at folks who want gadgets that are simple to interact with and are lightweight or small in form.

This watch supports Apps from Google Play Store including Facebook, News etc.


  • Android
  • Bluetooth
  • SMS
  • Calls 
  • Music
  • Facebook-Twitter
  • Mail
  • Weather
  • GPS
  • Apps from Play Store
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