Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Facebook has reached to 901 million users

Facebook disclosed on Monday that it has 901 million users, making it likely that it will pass the 1 billion mark well before the end of the year. 

Just two months ago, Facebook had over 845 million active users logging into the site each month along with 500 million members using the social network on a daily basis.  Now though, the service is proud to announce the figure of 901 million monthly active members as well as 526 million daily users - according to the company's fourth amendment to its IPO filing.  

When Facebook filed its IPO paperwork with the SEC in February, the network tallied 845 million users. Back in January, Gregory Lyons, a senior analyst at iCrossing, estimated that Facebook would hit 1 billion users by August, a rate of growth that appears plausible based on the latest numbers. 

Even before Monday’s latest numbers dropped, Facebook was by far the largest social network in the world. Twitter, which passed 500 million users in February, is number two on the list — although Twitter says that only 140 million of those accounts are active. 

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